High Information Content Fingerprinting


CUGI is one of a few labs that specializes in physical mapping by High-Information Content Fingerprinting (HICF). The technique uses 5 restriction enzymes, fluorescent labeling of fragments and fragment sizing via capillary electrophoresis. We also specialize in contig assembly/analysis, and employ a unique marker pooling strategy to anchor genetic information to a physical framework. Collectively, an integrated physical/genetic framework provides a superhighway for structural, functional, and evolutionary genomics research.

We can use HICF for the positional cloning of single genes to recreation of whole chromosomes.

Software utilized to analyze and assemble the data include the most recent versions of FP Miner, FP Pipeliner, GeneMapper and FPC.

CUGI has constrcuted HICF physical maps for Aquilegia formosa, Mimulus guttatus, Mimulus lewisii, Chinese Chestnut and Cacao.

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