Whole BAC Assembly/Gap Closure/Finishing

As an extension to our shotgun library construction and sequencing services, CUGI offers assembly, gap closure and finishing of whole BACs. Sequence data may be generated at CUGI from an external sequencing facility.

For assembly of a whole BAC, CUGI uses the phrap and consed packages. Sequence data is first processed through our quality control pipeline to remove contaminant, screen vector and trim low quality regions. Phrap is used to assemble the sequence data and consed used for viewing and manual editing of the assembled sequence. Typically, targeted sequencing by means of PCR and Sanger-style sequencing is suggested to assist with gap closure and to resolve highly repetitive regions. CUGI bioinformaticists perform manual curation of the assembled BAC to provide the best possible draft assembly.

All bioinformatic services are charged at an hourly rate, and rates are constructed to recover costs for equipment, service contracts and labor, and do not reflect labor alone. Please contact CUGI for an exact quote for a project.

Clemson or Federal Agency: $110.00, per hour
Non-profit or Academic: $115.00, per hour
Commercial: $175.00, per hour