Physical Mapping

CUGI specializes in physical mapping via High-information Content Fingerprinting (HICF). Our bioinformatics staff has experience in assembling and analyzing HICF fragment data to construct high quality physical maps.

CUGI operates a semi-automated pipeline for fragment analysis. Raw trace data is assessed for quality with GeneMapper, FP Pipeliner and FP Miner are used to assign fragment sizes and format data for assembly with FingerPrinted Contigs (FPC). FPC is the assembly and editing program used to construct and integrate marker and sequence data to corroborate a robust build.

CUGI has constrcuted HICF physical maps for Aquilegia formosa, Mimulus guttatus, Mimulus lewisii, Chinese Chestnut and Cacao.

All bioinformatic services are charged at an hourly rate, and rates are constructed to recover costs for equipment, service contracts and labor, and do not reflect labor alone. Please contact CUGI for an exact quote for a project.

Clemson or Federal Agency: $110.00, per hour
Non-profit or Academic: $115.00, per hour
Commercial: $175.00, per hour