EST Analysis

CUGI's bioinformatics staff is available to perform basic and customized analysis of ESTs ranging from pre-processing and assembly to functional annotation.

Initial identification of the function of a group of gene products can be performed with software such as BLAST and InterProScan. For searching and sorting, CUGI prepares these results in easy to utilize Excel spreadsheets. Further functional annotation services include mapping gene products to the Gene Ontology resource and providing an examination of gene expression levels between data sets. ESTs can be compared to whole or partial genome sequences for identification of coding regions, discovery of orthologs, or investigations of synteny between organisms. For researchers with specific needs not covered here, we can perform customized requests including writing new software. The output of all of these services may be made available to the customer via our secure FTP site.

All bioinformatic services are charged at an hourly rate, and rates are constructed to recover costs for equipment, service contracts and labor, and do not reflect labor alone. Please contact CUGI for an exact quote for a project.

Clemson or Federal Agency: $110.00, per hour
Non-profit or Academic: $115.00, per hour
Commercial: $175.00, per hour