Macro-Arraying (Gridding)


CUGI grids libraries from microtitre plates onto Hybond N+ membrane (filters) in high-density colony filter arrays using Genetix Q-Bots. The current production rate is a maximum of 90 filters per day.

In most cases, 18,432 individual colonies are arrayed in a 4x4 pattern in duplicate (double-spotted), for a total of 36,864 spots per filter. Higher density arrays can be provided following consultation with CUGI. Each filter is stamped with a library name and a unique serial number. For publicly available libraries, filters may be ordered through CUGI's online ordering system. CUGI also provides custom hybridization service to identify sequences of interest via BAC filters. For more information please contact CUGI.

Charges are project specific and quotes can be obtained by contacting CUGI