Storage & Distribution of Clones

Libraries may be deposited at CUGI for public distribution to commercial entities and public institutions. Clones are sold at standard CUGI prices. Researchers may place orders for copies of the library, individual clones, or filter sets through our online ordering system. CUGI also offers BAC sequencing, filter hybridization, and sequencing services.

We have two options available in for library storage.
Option 1: An annual storage fee, per freezer box (holds up to 36 plates).

Option 2: If the library is to be stored and distributed through the on-line ordering system, an annual storage fee will be set for the first year. After one year from the date the libraries are made publicly available, the library will be evaluated; at that time a new Service Agreement for an annual storage fee may be executed or the libraries will be returned.

Please contact CUGI for more information.

Clemson or Federal Agency: $100.00 per box, annual
Non-profit or Academic: $115.00 per box, annual
Commercial: $170.00 per box, annual