BAC Library Construction

CUGI has extensive experience in creating custom large insert BAC libraries with average insert sizes generally ranging between 120 and 160kb. CUGI has produced numerous plant, animal and microbial BAC libraries encompassing many different taxa in the tree of life, many of which are available through our online ordering system.

BAC libraries at CUGI are generally constructed using one or more of the following restriction enzymes; HindIII, BstyI, EcoRI, BamHI, and/or MboI. The library construction costs includes the creation of one working copy in addition to the master copy. The plates will be bar-coded and placed in freezer storage boxes that hold 36 plates per box. Filters and additional library copies may also be produced. Please contact CUGI for an exact quote for a project.

Charges are project specific and quotes can be obtained by contacting CUGI