Library Resources: Products & Serivces

BAC Library Construction

CUGI has extensive experience in creating custom large insert BAC libraries with average insert sizes generally ranging between 120 and 160kb. CUGI has produced numerous plant, animal and microbial BAC libraries encompassing many different taxa in the tree of life, many of which are available through our online ordering system.

cDNA Library Construction

CUGI produces high quality full-length cDNA libraries. The libraries are well-suited for EST sequencing and other gene discovery applications.

Colony Picking


CUGI employs two state-of-the-art Genetix Q-bots for colony picking, library replication, and filter gridding.

Fosmid Library Construction

CUGI now offers high quality fosmid library construction. Fosmids are commonly used for preparing genomic libraries when a smaller insert size is desired. The inserts have an average size of 40 kb and are produced by random shearing, yielding a more uniform coverage of the genome than other library types. Fosmids are excellent candidates for closing gaps in a whole genome sequence and physical maps due to their uniform coverage. Additionally, they are popular for metagenomic and expression studies.

Library Plate Replication

CUGI offers library plate replication which includes: the plate, media, bar-coded label and freezer storage boxes for the plates. The center can replicate over 250 master plates into 2 individual replicas per day. Please contact CUGI for an exact quote for a project.

Macro-Arraying (Gridding)


CUGI grids libraries from microtitre plates onto Hybond N+ membrane (filters) in high-density colony filter arrays using Genetix Q-Bots. The current production rate is a maximum of 90 filters per day.

Re-arraying Libraries


CUGI re-arrays libraries robotically using a selected list of clones which are entered into the Q-Bot's computer. Then clones selectively picked from the original library plates and placed in new microtitre plates to create a replicated re-arrayed version of the library. This can be done in both 96 and 384-well formats. Charges are project specific and quotes can be obtained by contacting CUGI for an exact quote for a project.

Shotgun Library Construction

CUGI also offers small-insert or shotgun library production. High quality random-sheared shotgun libraries of BAC clones and whole genomes are regularly produced at CUGI. These libraries typically consist of inserts ranging from 1-10kb and are used extensively in DNA sequencing and mapping projects throughout the world.

Storage & Distribution of Clones

Libraries may be deposited at CUGI for public distribution to commercial entities and public institutions. Clones are sold at standard CUGI prices. Researchers may place orders for copies of the library, individual clones, or filter sets through our online ordering system. CUGI also offers BAC sequencing, filter hybridization, and sequencing services.