Genomic Tool Development for the Fagaceae

Beech Forest

The family of forest trees (the Fagaceae) that includes the chestnuts, oaks and beeches, dominates the hardwood forests of the northern hemisphere. These tree species have significant economic and ecological value. The chestnut genome is used as a model for the Fagaceae, but comparisons between the species will be performed. A major goal is to advance the breeding of an American chestnut resistant to Chestnut Blight Disease. Chestnut Blight Disease, caused by Cryphonectria parasitica, created the greatest ecological disaster in the history of the United States.

CUGI's Role
CUGI plays a major role in the NSF funded Tool Development for the Fagaceae Project, including construction of BAC libraries, Sanger-style BAC-end sequences, an HICF physical map of the chinese chestnut and construction of the online database. This online resource will house an integrated physical and genetic map, and currently features putative functional assignments for ESTs from a host of Fagaceae trees and a full text search engine.

The official project website can be found at
Filters and clones from three BAC Libraries may be ordered from CUGI's online ordering system.