Chinese Chestnut Physical Map

Two BAC libraries have been constructed using partial digestions with EcoRI (10X coverage) and HindIII (11X coverage). For more information on the libraries, please click here. BAC fingerprinting is based on high information content fingerprinting protocols (HICF) and standard capillary-based automated electrophoresis platforms/software. Contig analysis is being completed using FPC software. This map is available here and on the Fagaceae web site at

Contigs: 6,532, Clones: 91,179, Singletons: 28,898
Physical Map Release Date: Feb 21, 2009 (first release)

The family of forest trees (the Fagaceae) that includes the chestnuts, oaks and beeches, dominates the hardwood forests of the northern hemisphere. These tree species have significant economic and ecological value. The chestnut genome is a model for the Fagaceae Project ( A major goal of the project is to advance the breeding of an American chestnut for resistant to Chestnut Blight Disease. Chestnut Blight Disease, caused by Cryphonectria parasitica, created the greatest ecological disaster in the history of the United States.