Medicago truncatula Gene Nomenclature

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Summary of Gene Nomenclature Rules

(this is an abbreviated version of the complete rules, which were published in the December 2001 issue of Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions)

a copy of the article can be downloaded by clicking here

1. Mutant gene symbols should consist of three lower case letters written in italics or underlined (e.g. skl), although symbols longer than 3 letters may be considered if they improve clarity.

2. Wild type alleles should consist of the gene symbol in capital letters written in italics or underlined (e.g. SKL).

3. Similarly, the full descriptive names of the alleles should be underlined or italicized, and written in lower case for mutants and capitals for wildtype (e.g. sickle or SICKLE).

4. Different genes with the same phenotype, which bear the same three letter symbol, will be distinguished by a number following the three letters (e.g. dmi1 vs. dmi2). Different alleles of the same gene will be distinguished by numbers following the symbol, locus number and a hyphen (e.g. dmi1-1 vs. dmi1-2 ).

5. Assigning gene symbols to genes identified by mutation:

6. These rules are for genes identified through mutation. Investigators wishing to give a names to genes identified through sequencing should consult the Gene Ontology Website. Designated names should be followed for gene families already named.

7. Before publication, gene names should be registered with the curator. See gene submission for information on how to submit gene names. Updates or corrections may be submitted in the same manner.