Medicago truncatula Gene Nomenclature

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Submission of M. truncatula Gene Name for Genes Identified by Mutation

Use this template for submission of information regarding symbols for genes identified through mutation. Please email the information to Julia Frugoli, M. truncatula gene curator (email address: Alternatively, the form may be sent to:

Dr. Julia Frugoli
Department of Genetics & Biochemistry
Clemson University
100 Jordan Hall
Clemson, SC 29634

If desired, the form may be faxed to the gene curator at: (864) 656-0393.

Information can be copied from your browser and pasted into a wordprocessor or your email program. Simply highlight the desired text with your mouse, select "copy" from your menu bar, and then "paste" into the desired application.

Please Note:

1. Date:

2. Information is: ___new submission ___update of previous submission (check one).

3. Desired gene symbol (3 letters in CAPS): ______ and locus number (if more than one gene is associated with this symbol) ___

4. Number of genes with this gene symbol:

5. Descriptive name for symbol:

6. Mutant phenotype:

7. Please summarize what is known about the chromosomal location of the gene, and results of any allelism tests performed:




8. Please indicate any publications, accession numbers, or web sites that pertain to this gene:




9. Further comments (optional-please indicate the number of alleles, if known):




10. Reference laboratory for this gene:

11. Your name:

12. Your email address:

13. Your telephone number:

14. Your fax number:

15. Your postal address:

16. Are you in the Medicago Phonebook?