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Welcome to the Medicago truncatula Gene Nomenclature Site

Medicago truncatula is a legume species that has been adopted by a growing group of investigators as a model system for genetic and genomic analysis of development in this important plant family (Fabaceae). This site provides a curated list of mutant gene names that have been registered by the laboratories that identified them.

background (the establishment and curation of this site)
 downloadable copy of the MPMI paper describing nomenclature rules in M. truncatula
summary of rules (an introduction to rules for assigning gene names)
list of gene symbols in html format (browse the registered mutant names, and information about those genes)
submission of gene names (information on how to submit or update mutant names and information)
Gene Ontology Consortium (a broader view of gene nomenclature based on sequence analysis)

Last updated: August 7,2007 by Julia Frugoli

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